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SantoNinoDeCebu's News

Posted by SantoNinoDeCebu - December 8th, 2011

Lost Catacombs is finally up on Newgrounds, was sitting 95% done on my pc for months and months, so much so that I have forgotten the timings on some levels and now struggling to get all the medals!

Getting ambitious now and making 2 games at the same time with Izzy and Michelle

First up is a Brawler, and the other is a top down shooting game of some sort currently with a distinct lack of art!

2 new games!

Posted by SantoNinoDeCebu - April 25th, 2011

After many months of absence over the summer,we finally got off our arses to try finish off this game1
Hopefully more then 40 people will play it!

30 puzzle levels.
Editor to make your own levels.
Server storage for custom maps so users can play each others creations!

So Close to completion it hurts!

Posted by SantoNinoDeCebu - February 21st, 2011

we submitted our game jam entry a few minutes before midnight!


Didn't manage to get as much game in there as we had hoped but I feel what we have is fairly well polished that is hopefully a bit of fun to pick up and play for a bit. Good eye candy too!

Posted by SantoNinoDeCebu - January 30th, 2011

Tile based ..thing!

Can create your own levels, push blocks about!

Editor in the works


Posted by SantoNinoDeCebu - December 10th, 2010

A shame no one can play it with its control system!
All open to suggestions for what would make it easier, not as frustrating to control!

Posted by SantoNinoDeCebu - August 22nd, 2010

Game almost complete, just a few polishes tweaks...after we get this big bad boss done. A big eye like that is just begging to shoot a big ass eye lasar beam!

Big beam is not fps friendly!

One eye' evil space crab!

Posted by SantoNinoDeCebu - May 25th, 2010

Stuff I made.
Usually runs around 120fps with 700 objects but fraps rapes that in the background! The spheres are point gravity sources so they will pull the blocks towards them, and dominos is well... dominos! Will make a huge elaborate maze for them at some point!

/* */

Posted by SantoNinoDeCebu - May 2nd, 2010

I like cubes, do you like cubes? Here's cubes for all!


Posted by SantoNinoDeCebu - April 25th, 2010

That collab list thingymajig wants a list of stuff I've made here so...

Bounce the Coffin Dodgers
iffy Physics

and currently working on run from the bouldar!

My stuff

Posted by SantoNinoDeCebu - March 20th, 2010

After a day of pigging out added some OBB box collisions! Though, not robust enough to stack blocks :(
Bouncing Objects


Some multiple gravity points added. Time for 2d Mario Galaxy!
Point Gravity