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Stunning job!

Great movie highly entertaining! watch now!

Excellent animation.

Matrix spin off and Pico combined, the perfect combination for a super high score on here. It does deserve a good score though because the animation and artwork is great, I like all the funky funky moves pico does at the start, the break dancing was the best. That should be added back into the voting panel when you deposit your exp, I miss that. Not entirely original but its well made and is fun to watch.

I'm glad that

you didn't just copy the madness style but instead do your own thing - which I like. Was nice and colourful but once again graphics could be improved!!! Should take that into consideration for your next movie!!!! The lines around the characters just need smoothening down or somthng, the characters just look rough around the edges. Try use the line tool and just bedn the lines or somthing. Could even try the smoothening button on the side panels, its somewere near the middle. Overall was a good tribut and I'm glad you didn't just rip off the madness style.

alexsmolik responds:

I'm glad you rather liked it.
I think this is one of my worst movies, loads of people hated it, but well... And about the style, even if I had wanted to do it more "madness" style, I couldn't possibly have, it's way too difficult for me ... and takes loads of times.
Thanks for the review.

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Fun addicting wee game

Its a simple game with a simple concept but its good because of its sleak easy
controls that make the frustrating task of jumping on small platforms quite fun!

However for 20 levels I felt it became far too samey and beyond falling with no idea where you're going to land or doing a large jump there wasn't really any other tricks the levels threw at you and the difficulty stayed the same pretty much throughout until 1 level near the end (The fall or something). And that menu screen is an absolute eyesore!

I enjoyed it!

A well presented fun lil' game!

The graphics were very polished and neat, glad that the background changed for the different stages..orange was becoming a bit too much after a while :p

Some of the early levels were fairly challenging in comparison to after the first boss. The first boss was real good, having to juggle between him and the minions that come down from all angles. There is a nice variety of upgrades That explode and look pretty which is nice to see.

After the first boss though the game became a little bit easy because the money rewards ramped up making upgrades real quick and everything just got obliterated from then on. Scaling of difficulty is pretty common though with games that have this style of upgrading..tough to tweak!
I also felt you moved a little to slow even with a full speed upgrade, however it just made the game a bit harder..though in a frustrating type way.

Music wasn't to my taste, a little bland compared to the action going on, on the stage.

However, overall it was a really well presented game that looks nice and plays well - the scaling of difficulty coinciding with upgrades just needs some tweaking!


Fun game

Its a really neat wee game, of all the mini games around here i don't think i've seen this one yet! Its got decent difficulty progression and is good to just pick up and play.
If you're able to up the overall presentation I'm sure you'd be grab the attention of alot more people! Its the only thing letting it down really.

NegativeONE makes me weak in the knees.*swoon*

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